Would you help us promote Faith Radio?  We have all kinds of promotional items for all of our stations that you can use!  THANK YOU!
yard Signs

These are probably our best way of letting people know about Faith Radio.  We have these for all of our listening areas.  For those outside the Tallahassee area, call 1-877-801-1070 so we can tell you where to pick these up at supporting businesses.

Bumper Stickers

Displaying a bumper stick on your vehicles lets  hundreds of people know about Faith Radio as you drive around your area.  These can be mailed to you!

Window decals

If you want something easier to change out, these static-cling decals are just for you.  They can come in a full-color version or in all white for darker windows.  We can mail these to you!

invitation to listen cards

These are the size of a business card.  You can pass these out to people, put them in your correspondence, or leave stacks at Faith Radio friendly places.  Let us know how many we can mail to you.


These are great for your vehicle and also remind you of our station frequencies as you travel around.

Program Schedule & SponsorS/Programmers' Information

The "Program Schedule" gives you a listening of what is aired throughout the day.  The "Programmers and Sponsors" give you contact information for those programs we air or for our business partners who sponsor airtime.