Traditions of Christmas

Where and how did some of the aspects of Christmas come from?  Have you ever wondered?  Well, the book Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas written by author Ace Collins has a lot of useful information on these questions.  Listen in to learn how Christmas Day actually came about on the calendar as December 25th, what Advent is and how it got started, the story of the candy cane, how caroling came about, the giving of Christmas cards, when decorating a tree started along with other decorations of the Christmas season, how the idea of Santa Claus came into being, when the idea of gift-giving caught on, who said mistletoe was for kissing, the plants associated with the holiday, and all about the famous composer Handel and his masterpiece “Messiah.”

Desperate Times

Have you ever encountered a need beyond your ability to meet?  There’s no way around it; you can’t fix it; you can’t make it go away; you have no means to make it better; you are in a helpless predicament.  Those are desperate times!  But desperation is not all bad, for it drives us to God.  The Bible is packed with accounts of those who encountered desperate times.  They will serve to help us see what God is up to in our times of desperation, and we’ll learn how to encounter God in these most distressing times.